Still image

Still image

Visualization not only creates beautiful images but also tells good stories that expressing what architects want to communicate. We’re bringing life to still images through a careful choice of composition, textures, colors, lighting, and overall feel.
Our goal is to use boundless possibilities of photorealistic CG images to produce distinctive marketing materials- from both real objects and newly created imaginary worlds.

Architectural movies

An amazing architectural movie is the best way for audiences to imagine future projects in the most actual way. Cinematographic techniques allow us to bring all design elements together in harmony and to convey the unique personality and artistry of any architectural visualization.
We always use the most actual light, material with motion effects of water, wind…to make animations lively.
In addition, We give the knowledge of painting, photography in the process to create more artistic and attractive movies.

Motion image/web solution (360 degree image)

Motion image is a solution that saving time and cost rather than architect movie.
360 degree image is effective for marketing, selling architectural products.